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How to Specify Fiber-Optic Sensors

Fiber-optic sensors work well in tight spots and in applications with a high degree of electrical noise, but care must be taken when specifying these critical components.

A Quick Way to Measuring the Hardness of Foams

Measuring the “hardness” of soft, spongy elastomers—foams—is an inexact science.
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Closing the Gender Gap Through STEM

Various methods can be used to smash age-old stereotypes and interest young girls in engineering, showing how they can ultimately make it a career.

Energy-Saving Electrical Pumps Satisfy New DoE Standards

Using a variable-speed drive could reduce up to 50% of a pump’s energy consumption.

Reap the Benefits of Modern-Day Powder Metallurgy

Advances in PM over the years have steadily expanded its market, and now the technology is poised to start taking over other parts-manufacturing processes.


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What’s the Difference Between Investment Casting and Sand Casting?

Though they have been refined through the ages, significant differences exist between the two methods used to make metal parts.
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Microalloying Strengthens Steel

Adding small amount of alloying elements can dramatically boost the strength and hardness of carbon steels.
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LVDT Linear Position Sensors and IP Ratings

Most LDVT components are protected against the environment to some degree. But there are applications where more protection is needed.
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A Short History of Membrane Switches

Enhancements to membrane switches over the years have turned them into indispensable subsystems in technical applications across many industries.