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Motion System Design

Programmability debugged

Specifying components is easy. Putting them together in a complex motion system is anything but. If your next project requires programming expertise to make it all work, check out these tips and tools for simplifying system setup.

PAC saves engineers development time

The IndraControl L65 PAC features unified programming software, scalable hardware, pre-developed functions, reusable code, and built-in connectivity to reduce engineering time for machine builders. Suitable for printing, converting, packaging, machine tool, and other industries, the L65 offers 36 megabytes of program memory for extensive multitasking. It comes with dozens of PLCopen machine functions pre-programmed according to IEC61131-3 standards. The L65 includes eight onboard I/O slots with expandability up to 512 I/O. It's also a powerful motion controller, with the ability to handle 64 axes of motion control.
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
(847) 645-3600

Motor provides all-in-one motion control solution

The Motomate brushless motor features an integral controller to provide an all-in-one solution for a wide range of applications where programmable movement of simple mechanisms is required. It incorporates a brushless motor drive, motor, gearbox, and built-in controller in a 2.5 × 6-in. package. The brushless motor offers 90% efficiency. Intuitive programming with graphical function blocks allows easy programming of acceleration and deceleration in forward or backward motion with controlled time and speed ramps. Reprogramming is easy with a PC or removable memory module.
Crouzet North America
(760) 597-6322

Software eases control system setup

Think & Do 8.0 supports the development, deployment, and operation of complex automated control systems for material handling and manufacturing. The program's intuitive and open-architecture environment easily integrates with hardware and software components from virtually all suppliers. Program features include ProjectCenter for launching and managing projects, FlowView for creating control logic in easy-to-use flowcharts, ScreenView for creating and editing HMI screens, I/OView for configuring I/O, and AppTracker, a fast, graphical debugging tool. A free demo is available for up to 40 hours use within a 30-day time period. Find a link on
(770) 889-2858

Servo drive with embedded software handles packaging

MotionView OnBoard (MVOB), configuration and programming software, now comes embedded in the PositionServo drive. When setting up, programming, or maintaining the servo drive in a packaging machine, users no longer have to search for CDs or download software. PositionServo with MVOB can handle all types of packaging applications, from simple conveying to complex multi-axis camming. Drive features designed for packaging include resolver and encoder feedback options, global communication protocols (Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, and Profibus DP), and the ability to interface with customized motors.
Lenze-AC Tech
(508) 278-9100

Training package simplifies programming education

The PLC/Programming Learning Package includes 16 lessons which, taken in order, build on one another to teach the basics of PLCs, in addition to instruction on how to program a controller using ladder logic with function blocks. The course is designed for hands-on study using a plug-in PLC combined with trainer/simulator boards. The package includes everything a student needs other than a PC running Windows — a Solves-It! Model 210, RS-232 programming cable, EZ Ladder programming software, DIN-rail/subplate mount socket, SI-DEMO 02 trainer/simulator, and a CD that contains a user's manual, ladder programming manual, student manual, and workbook, all in PDF format.

For a chance to win a free package ($300 value), enter the Learning Ladder Contest at or find a link on Five kits will be awarded.
Divelbiss Corp.
(800) 245-2327

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