Solenoid interlock

Solenoid interlock

The AZM300 Series solenoid locking keyed interlock switch features an external cross-shaped cam that allows it to accept an actuator from any of three sides. This provides mounting flexibility for either left or right-hinged doors, or sliding guards. The solenoid locking force of 1,000 N keeps the guard door securely locked until dangerous conditions, which may exist even after removal of power, are removed.
The interlock’s radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor detects the actuator and indicates a closed guard, which limits wear on components, tolerates misalignment, and offers the option of individual coding.
The AZM300 features the diagnostic advantages of electronic safety sensors. With continuous internal function tests and monitoring of the safety outputs, the AZM300 can be wired in series without detriment to the safety levels. The sensor’s diagnostic LEDs indicate various errors, misalignment, and door open/closed signaling.
The AZM300 also offers adjustable latching, providing a holding force of 5 or 11 lb. A dampener pad lets the switch be used as a door stop for small to medium-sized guard doors. Lockout/tagout is achieved by placing padlocks through the key of the actuator, preventing the guard to close.
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