Interview: Faster Development for Medical Devices (.PDF Download)

May 8, 2017
Interview: Faster Development for Medical Devices (.PDF Download)

Baoguo Wei has come up with a module that could hasten the development of medical devices for the IIoT. Starting in March 2015, Phoinix Technologies has helped IoT developers from concept to manufacturing with back end as a service (BaaS), BaaS-enabled internet modules, app development, and manufacturing services. The mobile BaaS technology is built on top of the backend of its tele-medicine and tele-imaging platform. I had a chance to talk to him about his “Blink’r” technology and the overall state of the industry.

What is your background?

My name is Baoguo Wei, and my background includes being part of the early days of the IIoT. Prior to founding Blink’r, I founded a number of companies, including Phoinix Technologies, a mobile-backend as a service provider. I am also the founding member of AgaMatrix, a company that developed the world’s first connected blood-glucose meter, an IoT application in healthcare.

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