Metrics for IoT-Enabled Products (.PDF Download)

June 22, 2017
Metrics for IoT-Enabled Products (.PDF Download)

Every time there is an industry-wide adoption of a new capability or technology, metrics soon follow. Some 50-plus new metrics, which always lag the business initiatives in practice, are typically tried out by companies and analysts as they learn their way to success. People talk. Researchers research. Articles are written. Eventually, the cream rises to the top after a couple decades and five to 10 become frequently used.

Corporate-Level Metrics: Just as New Product Revenues (aka Vitality Index) swept across industry, and the IP wave added IP-Protected New Product Revenues, so too will IoT Revenues be measured as companies learn how to monetize the IoT capabilities they design into products. IoT-Related New Product and Total Revenues are a sure thing.

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