Engineering “Cool” Conditions with Advanced Smart Materials (.PDF Download)

Sept. 23, 2017
Engineering “Cool” Conditions with Advanced Smart Materials (.PDF Download)

Heat is an operational condition that can hinder any mechanic operation. Most sensors use heat as a secondary indicator of failure after noise (i.e., excessive vibration generates heat). Devices are also now designed more compact and with less ventilation. The buildup of excessive heat can create mechanical operation problems and failures.

The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) crafted advanced materials and systems for passive ventilation and air-conditioning systems to help reduce temperatures in devices and homes. The five highlighted projects are Hydromembrane, Hydroceramic, Morphluid, Breathing Skin, and Soft Robotics.

The students of IAAC’s Digital Matter Intelligent Construction developed the materials under the supervision of Areti Markopoulou, IAAC’s academic director and project manager. The passive-air condition of spaces is investigated by using a combination of advanced materials, mimicking the organic processes, adaptive strucutres, and robotics that regulate temperature and create sustainable microclimates.

Markopoulou pinpoints the benefits of these advanced materials. According Markopoulou, "the potential of advanced systems and materials to help us have… more sustainable buildings that breathe and behave like living things and interact with their environment.” Here is a deeper look into the five materials developed by the IAAC.

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