More Than Meets the Eye: The Future of Bio-Robotics (.PDF Download)

Feb. 28, 2018
More Than Meets the Eye: The Future of Bio-Robotics (.PDF Download)

For those in need of a limb, replacement organ, or internal repair, prosthetics and transplants have been the go-to technology for many years. The inherent problem with both of these technologies is the price and availability. Prosthetics are a costly product and unfortunately, insurances only offer to cover a portion of the price tag. Many patients are left to pay out of pocket for these devices. And even if they could afford the prosthesis, the percentage of increased mobility is minimal. Transplants of organs are always subject to availability. Many patients are left waiting on transplants list for months to years, depending on the match. And even once received, the body’s potential rejection of the organ is a serious concern.

The world of robotics is looking to close the gaps by bring innovation to these fields of medicine. These innovations rely on new technology to help create opportunities in the medical field that were not there before. Some companies are using 3D printing to aid in the creation of prosthetics. Others are using the advances in motion to create more efficient, lightweight robotics. Lastly, robots are being used at the nano level to fight cancer more aggressively than ever.

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