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Mainstreaming alert: 3D-printed parts in GE engines and X-ray machines

When General Electric puts metal 3D-printed parts in its X-ray machines, you know it's gone mainstream. That's what the research summarized in this year's Wohler’s Report on 3D...
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3D printing filaments better and cheaper and greener every day

As we know, 3D printers make objects but eliminate the waste and high tooling costs of traditional manufacturing. Because the machines print parts off of CAD files, even weird...
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$1,500 Foodini 3D prints food with normal kitchen ingredients

Over the past several months, we’ve seen machines that 3D print food go from silly to intriguingly promising. One of the best we’ve seen so far is Foodini, a kitchen appliance...
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Rant: Spray and gascan nozzles equally idiotic

Last weekend, in a bizarre burst of energy that had me motivated me enough to spraypaint a rusty old Charmglow grill that had become a certifiable eyesore, I dug up an old can...
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3D printing's fate according to a Technology Futurist

I recently had an exchange with Jordan Brandt, a Technology Futurist at Autodesk, about 3D printing. "3D printing is for the last mile of factory automation — so in the next couple...
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One reader's take on the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

On Monday I received the following note from longtime Machine Design reader, John Swank, Sr., Product Development Engineer. Swank outlines what he considers the best innovations...
2009 photo of Packard plant in Detroit by Albert Duce. Some rights reserved.

Good for GM is good for Detroit: Separating wheat from chaff

What's good for General Motors is good for the country, as they say. In this case, it was essential for survival that GM separated the wheat from the chaff — in the 2009 OldCo...
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How I 3D printed my face onto a sphinx, and how you can too

Our office just got our grubby little collective hands on an Afinia H-Series 3D printer. Naturally, the only choice I had was to immediately stop editing articles and monkey around...
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Rockwell rewards mishmosh of FIRST student designs

Rockwell Automation is passing out $10,000 to reward students who won the company's Engineering Our Future video contest. Winners were selected by popular vote.