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April is National Welding Month: Take a Tour of Events and Resources Across the Industry

April 2, 2024
A compilation of events, articles and resources highlight the use of welding techniques across industries.

The American Welding Society designated April as National Welding Month to elevate the welding industry and its available career paths. 

“This year’s theme, ‘Increase Your Impact,’ is a call to continuous improvement and active engagement on individual, corporate and industry-wide levels,” noted Cassie Burrell, senior VP, Marketing & Membership Development at AWS. The campaign hashtag is #NWM2024 

A big trend among manufacturing and fabricating companies is investment in automated welding. The move is often associated with labor shortages. The U.S. will need more than 360,000 welding professionals by 2027, according to AWS.

Advancements in materials, processes and equipment make modern welding an increasingly high-tech skill. Welding is the joining of two or more materials through heat or heat and pressure, forming a bond between two pieces of metal or plastic. There are more than 80 welding processes, according to the American Welding Society. 

Spotlight on Welding

A string of events this month will highlight the vast reach of the welding and fabshops, from technicians, inspectors, supervisors, engineers, manufacturers and distributors to educators, committee volunteers and students. AWS is offering discounts on membership (Take the Torch Membership), a live podcast and personal welding stories via social media (My Welding Story on Instagram), and an ARCstars video challenge. The full list of events can be found here

For its part, Machine Design is hosting a sponsored webinar on April 11, 2024, showcasing how collaborative robots are revolutionizing laser and spot welding. Panelists from Universal Robots, Pro Spot International and Cobot Systems will discuss how cobots are elevating productivity, fostering product consistency and enhancing employee retention in the metal fabrication industry. Speakers will delve into case studies, share real fabricator stories and also address the challenges faced by metal fabricators. Click here to register

Brush up on Current Welding Techniques

Browse the following list of articles, videos and webinars to catch up on news, trends and techniques across the welding industry. 

Beyond the Arc: Collaborative Spot & Laser Welding Panel

A panel of experts reveal how collaborative robots are revolutionizing laser and spot welding, addressing industry challenges and empowering fabricators with productivity, consistency and scalability.

Patented Laser Welding Process Enables Closed-Loop Medical Device Recycling and Reduced Waste

Device makers are taking increased interest in product designs and assembly that support closed-loop recycling. A Branson plastic welding process can safely and non-destructively “unweld” plastics used in common medical devices and wearables.

Laser Plastic Welding Technology

A demo of Emerson’s Branson laser plastic welding portfolio, including a Galvo welder that uses photons to weld plastics without vibration and contamination.

How TIG Welding Cobots Support an Automation Enhanced Workforce

Manufacturers can embrace an automation enhanced workforce when they include cobot-based welding and processing techniques.

Prevent Downtime: The Importance of Monitoring Water Supply and Flow During Welding

A turnkey, pre-engineered weld water control system promise a few advantages over custom solutions.

Machine Design Archive: Welding Wisdom and Guidance

Machine Design’s archive takes you back to basics. From fundamentals to expert systems, you’ll find all you need to keep pace with change. 

2001 – Linear motor controls stud welding

A weld head from Emhart Fastening Teknologies featured a linear-motor drive that precisely timed and controlled lift heights, plunge velocity and depth penetration of each attachment during welding.

2005 – Fundamentals Of Ultrasonic plastic welding

An understanding of ultrasonic welders helped designers apply this assembly method efficiently.

2010 – World’s largest linear friction welding machine debuts

Moog Inc., East Aurora, N.Y., and Thompson Friction Welding, Clinton Township, Mich., teamed up to develop the world’s largest linear friction welding machine.

2011 – Better welding through simulation

The AWI tool allowed technicians to analyze thermal and structural models directly inside Abaqus FEA.

2017 – Cobots Are Now Reaching for Welding Tools

In partnership with ARC Specialties, Universal Robots offered a unique welding solution for collaborative robots. (Universal Robots has come a long way since this article appeared. Check out their “Beyond the Arc” webinar to see just how far.)

2018 – DFM for Welding

Welding is one of the least expensive and most reliable ways to join metal to metal. But engineers must design drawings for welding with rules in mind.

2019 – Stud Welding: The Basics and Benefits

Why this fastening technique should be your welding method of choice.

Editor’s Note: Machine Design’s WISE (Workers in Science and Engineering) hub compiles our coverage of workplace issues affecting the engineering field, in addition to contributions from equity seeking groups and subject matter experts within various subdisciplines.

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