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    Worker in manufacturing plant

    Laid Off From Tech? Try Manufacturing Next

    Nov. 28, 2022
    Opportunities abound for the skilled and open-minded.
    Engineer at work

    Keeping Up: Survey Hears from Engineering on Skills Competency

    Nov. 16, 2022
    Machine Design’s 2022 Salary Survey polled engineers about their preferred methods for ongoing education.
    Machine Design
    David Sandiland

    Q&A with the Robot Guy: David Sandiland Discusses Robotics Cable Management

    Nov. 1, 2022
    David Sandiland, robotics product & sales manager, igus, shares insights into the design and guiding principles behind selecting the best cable management systems for six access...
    Courtesy H2 Clipper
    The H2 Clipper in flight

    Building the Hydrogen Highway

    Oct. 27, 2022
    Moving liquid hydrogen is key to establishing the Hydrogen Economy. Here are two technologies developed by H2 Clipper for meeting that challenge.
    Courtesy Keytronic
    Automation platforms

    Rapid Automation Deployment Requires Cooperation

    The ability to deliver solutions in the highly competitive global design and manufacturing services marketplace means finding a reliable partner.

    More content from December 2022

    Hydrogen gas station

    The Case for the Hydrogen Economy

    Oct. 26, 2022
    Companies and countries are spending billions to make green energy from renewables, using it to extract hydrogen from water to generate electricity for cars and factories and ...
    ProductionPerig/Dreamstime and Higher Education Press Limited Company
    Sectional view of CAD model inset over image of robotic hand

    Dexterous Robotic Finger Prototype Withstands Physical Impacts

    Oct. 25, 2022
    Researchers are developing a sturdy, dexterous robotic hand that can withstand physical impacts.
    istock and Flexible Research Group at UCLA
    UCLA's mechanical neural network (MNN) inset on AI treatment

    Engineers Design Dynamic Materials Using Artificial Intelligence

    Oct. 24, 2022
    The architected materials, known as mechanical neural networks, are capable of responding to conditions by tuning the stiffness of their beams.
    Courtesy Drillmec
    Drillmec’s Stinger

    A Safer Design for Oil & Gas Drilling Pipe Systems

    Oct. 20, 2022
    Electromechanical actuation eliminates worker exposure and improves accuracy in installations.
    Courtesy Motion
    Image collage

    GFCI-Protected Circuits: Don’t Get Tripped up by VFDs

    Oct. 17, 2022
    The growth of single-phase applications create new opportunities and challenges for OEMs.