Motion System Design



Comparing Encoder Technologies

Using the right technology to measure position and rpm of a rotating shafts requires that designers understand the nuances of the various types of encoders.
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What it Takes to be a Commercial Aviation Jet Engine Lubricant

Few lubricants are asked to do so much or endure such a rigorous approval process.
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Linear Guides for Cleanrooms

What precautions should be taken to ensure linear motion devices don’t contaminate cleanrooms?
A technician at the Air Force Research Laboratory on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base holds the prototype of a sweat sensor that could help in safely training soldiers and monitoring them while on missions.

Biosensor Tracks Health by Looking at Sweat

A personal biosensor analyzes a soldier’s sweat to determine his health during training and missions.
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Solution to Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: Badger banter

What is the angle θ at which Roger begins to leave the surface? Let's find out.
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Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: A Stupid Dream

Assume there’s no friction on the track and kitty has perfect balance. From how high must Thrasher the Cat start to make it safely around the loop without falling off due to gravity...
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Try your hand at these physics puzzlers

Try your hand at these puzzlers and you may just remember a thing or two from all that physics and calculus tucked away in the recesses of your brain.
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Saving time and money with brake replacement

Field report: One anodizing plant switched to using shear brakes on its overhead cranes to reduce costly downtime.
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Analyzing motion system efficiency with software

If only it were as simple as choosing an energy-efficient motor. The truth is that many components must work together for motion design efficiency. Software analysis can help ...