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Selecting Small, Precise Pumps

Sponsored by The Lee Company

In the industrial world, engineers don’t need to know much more than a pressure and flow rate to properly size a pump. But specifications for miniature positive-displacement pumps destined for medical diagnos­tic and therapy devices and analytical chemical equipment – applications with small, precise flow rates and pressures – can be more demanding. In many cases, such applications use pumps to aspirate, i.e., suck or pull in fluids from a reservoir, and then dispense them, i.e.; push out or release fluids. In some cases a single pump handles both tasks.

What types of pumps are available for these applications? What is a pump’s resolution? How are a pump’s accuracy and repeatability expressed? Do pumps vary in how fast they can dispense fluids?

Download the FAQs of Selecting Small, Precise Pumps sponsored by The Lee Co. to get the answers to these questions and more.

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