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How Smart Machines Modernize the Food & Beverage and Packaging Industry

How Smart Machines Modernize the Food & Beverage and Packaging Industry

Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sponsor: Schneider Electric
Duration: 1 Hour

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Although trends such as the Industry 4.0 are compounding the quantity of data available for driving new levels of factory and machine productivity, machine builders are challenged with how to drive business value from this data. Schneider Electric is here to offer a solution. In this webinar Schneider Electric looks at new business opportunities uncovered by the latest advancements of the Industrial Internet of Things including:

  • Building intelligent machines to unlock new monitoring capabilities, reducing reliance on sensors, & connectivity to analytics software
  • Unlocking new revenue streams through services and replacement parts revenue with preventive/predictive maintenance

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Simone Gianotti, Schneider Electric

Based out of Raleigh, NC, Simone is an experienced industrial automation professional. Mr. Gianotti started his career as an application engineer for Motion and Automation, then moved into an international trainer position, then into multiple product management and marketing roles for Schneider Electric’s Safety and Motion offers, and then into the Smart Machines group. With the advancement in IIoT and over 10 years of experience in the industry, Simone is now responsible for spreading these concepts and technologies to machine builders and OEMs.

Erik Barnes, Offer Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric

Erik L. Barnes is an Offer Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Pensacola Christian College. He has held positions including applications support, product management for motor control products, UL 508A panel shop manager, and applications marketing. Over his seventeen years of experience in electric motor control applications, he has published multiple articles, technical papers and videos focused on control applications including UL 508A device applications, short-circuit current ratings, undervoltage conditions in motor control, and others. In addition to technical writing, Erik has led numerous training seminars and webinars. He has also led initiatives to develop tools that make it easier to select product in compliance with code requirements, including short circuit current ratings and selective coordination. Erik has received award recognition for his work in education and product application tools. More information on his career and accomplishments can be found at

Alan Grightmire, Senior Product Manager, Schneider Electric USA Inc.

Alan is responsible for Industrial machine technology products in the United States for Schneider Electric. He has extensive experience with IIoT based process control systems, machine design solutions, and test equipment design and has developed and deployed solutions world-wide.

Prior to working for Schneider Electric, Alan had numerous positions in R&D, engineering, project management, system integration, product management and senior management while working for System Integrators, OEM’s and End Users. He is also a subject matter expert for control solutions and holds patents and awards for innovative technology.





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