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A New Era of Functional Color 3D Prototyping and Production

A New Era of Functional Color 3D Prototyping and Production

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Originally Boradcast:
Thursday, October 17, 2019
Sponsor: HP Jet Fusion
Duration: 1 Hour

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Get a look at HP’s latest 3D printer - powered by HP Multi Jet Fusion technology - designed to overcome existing color 3D printing challenges and open up innovation for product development teams and design businesses, manufacturing support teams, universities and research institutions. Learn about how color 3D applications are enabled with a 3D printing system that allows the production of functional parts in full color - with voxel control - in a fraction of the time.


Jeff Fawcett, Worldwide 3D Product Manager, HP Jet Fusion

Jeff Fawcett is the worldwide product manager for the 300/500 series of Jet Fusion printers. Jeff joined HP in 1999 as a Mechanical Engineer working on the 2D office and consumer printing systems. Since 2004, he has held various future product marketing roles within the imaging and printing group. Starting in 2015, he moved to 3D printing. As the marketing lead for the team in Vancouver, WA, he owns the business model for this new program. In this function, he is responsible for identifying market and customer requirements, translating those needs into a strong value proposition and partnering with R&D to deliver specific system requirements.